About Lindsey & Sam

Lindsey & Sam

Lindsey and Sam are Texas educators starting their journey into the world of educational leadership as Assistant Principals.  Both administrators work at Title I schools in Waco, Texas, where more than 90% of students are economically disadvantaged.  They have a passion for technology, effective instructional strategies, character education, and supporting new teachers and growing veterans.

 Lindsey_HeltonLindsey received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University and Master of Education Administration from Tarleton State University.  She began teaching elementary education in 2008.  She spent five years in the classroom, teaching math and science, before becoming an Instructional Specialist.  In August 2015, she begins a new chapter as Assistant Principal.  She is married and has an amazing toddler son.  In her free time, she loves to bake treats for her co-workers, read everything she can get her hands on, travel, and kayak the Brazos River.

 Sam received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from St. Edward’s University and Samantha_CraytorMaster of Education Administration from Texas A&M Central Texas.  She taught high school science for six years before becoming an Instructional Specialist.  Like Lindsey, she begins here new role as Assistant Principal in August 2015.  Sam is married and has a wonderful toddler son.  When she has time, Sam travels with her family.  When she doesn’t have much time, Sam enjoys online shopping.


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