Calm Before the Storm

calm-before-the-storm05Welcome to the start of our new adventure!  Today is the “calm before the storm.”  Tomorrow begins our first day as assistant principals.  As we prepare for our new roles, we must stop and reflect.  Logistically, we are ready to go.  We realize that there will be so many demands on our time tomorrow, but we are prepared.  But just like teachers, we still have those “First Day” jitters.  We want to ensure our students are safe, prepared, and excited to learn.  We hope our teachers arrive rested, ready, and feel supported by our decisions thus far.  And as a school community, we hope to instill a passion for life-long learning.

Tomorrow, we will rise up to meet new expectations and challenges.  We are grateful for the experiences and learning opportunities provided by previous leaders.  We will take everything we have learned, and make the best decisions for our students.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”